Iranian refugees unknown situation

Iranians have been forced to flee their homeland to Malaysia to start a new life as refugees.
They have made a forced commitment to seek peace and their violated rights, and this is not possible unless these lost rights are achieved by securing peace for themselves and their families.
Since 2015, Iranian refugees have been ranked lowest in the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) priorities and seem to have been forgotten. In recent years, a number of these refugees have lost their lives due to illness and livelihood problems. Their families left behind without any support ,
Some are facing serious medical risks and depression is affecting families. The number of Iranian refugees is less than 1% compared to other countries, according to statistics published on the official website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Will we have to witness the death of refugees in Malaysia again?
The quota for Iranian refugees in 2020 is only six persons/case . It takes several years for a family to be taken to a safe place. Their children grow up every day without any support.
What is the real solution to the current situation of these children?


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